International Business Development Academy

The International Business Development Academy (IBDA) is a Netherlands-based, international operating knowledge institute focused on the further development and professionalization of the disciplines International Business Development and International Entrepreneurship.
IBDA provides individuals and organisations an international platform to educate, develop, profile and differentiate internationally through executive education, strategy support and membership programs. Our education programmes are relevant, international, combining academic and professional standards and delivered in a welcoming and flexible learning environment.
IBDA maintains close relationships with industrial and commercial partners around the world to ensure that the programs always have maximum relevance to the market place. The education and learning programs offered by IBDA are compact, competency-based and aiming to improve the international business skills of professionals and managers operating across borders. Generally this is done in cooperation with local business schools.  
IBDA moderators comprise of international experienced academics and business executives with teaching skills. Each of them has substantial experience in working with executives and management of international entrepreneurship. They are competent in translating theories into business operations and are good sparring partners for participants.
  • Executive programs

    The jewel on the crown of the IBDA-programs is the three-days Mini-MBA International Entrepreneurship with a Certificate of Professional Qualification. Six modules of 4 hours each and an Action Learning Project plan in three successive days. The project is an additional component based on a real life question of the participant, such as construction of an export plan, feasibility study, entering a specific market, etc. During the execution of the project IBDA will provide (distance) coaching to the individual participants;

  • Masterclasses

    IBDA has developed a range of modules like: Designing Value Propositions, Market Entry Strategies, International Business Cultures & Ethics, International Business Law, International Business Strategies, International Business Operations Models, Construction of Feasibility Studies, International Projects Finance, Doing business in...(China, India, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Ecuador etc.).
    Check the agenda when and where these Masterclasses are available.
    Business School, Universities, Chambers of Commerce etc. willing to offer these Masterclasses are invited to contact us.

  • Support

    IBDA supports companies and organisations world-wide in their internationalisation strategy development. Thanks to our global networks we are not only able to add value in designing a plan of approach, but also to give hands-on support in establishing local subsidiaries and even to provide local (interim) management.