International Business Development Academy

Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands  /  Lermoos, Austria  /  Javea, Spain

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  • Executive programs

    The jewel on the crown of the IBDA-programs is the Executive Program International Entrepreneurship. Ten modules of 2 hours each and an Action Learning Project plan in three successive days.

    The Action Learning Project is an important additional component based on a real life case in your company or organisation, such as country selection, export plan, feasibility study, entering a specific market, etc. During the execution of the project IBDA will provide (distance) coaching to the individual participants.

  • Masterclasses & Events

    IBDA has developed a range of Masterclasses like: Value Proposition (re)design, Market Entry Strategies, International Business Cultures & Ethics, doing business in...(China, India, Germany, Spain etc.). 
    Next IBDA organises congresses and events regarding business development topics. 

    Check the agenda (tab programs) for dates / locations.

    Business School, Universities, Chambers of Commerce etc. willing to offer these Masterclasses are invited to contact us.

  • Business Acceleration

    Time and focus for evaluating and redesigning the strategy for controlled growth of your company or organization too often lose from the day-to-day issues. Outdoor sessions sometimes create solutions, but not always the desired result since in most cases too many topics are on the agenda and there is no time for feedback and reflection.

    IBDA has developed models to guide you with your Management Team through total focus to an implementation plan for a new or adjusted growth strategy.