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Programs - International Business Development Academy
Advanced Management Program Global Entrepreneurship (Lagos - Nigeria)
Enabling you to connect Nigeria with the International Business World
The Advanced Management Program Global Entrepreneurship is designed for (future) international operating entrepreneurs, professionals and managers who would like to master the various aspects of international business in a compact way. The program aligns the needs of the current era of globalisation, intensified competition and the transition from an industry economy to a network economy. There is a need for innovative business formulas for ongoing innovation, international entrepreneurship and co-creation.
You will be trained to think "out of the box', analyse opportunities and obtain capabilities to materialise these opportunities. You will obtain skills for international entrepreneurship and learn to analyse the different aspects of cross border business operations in an integrated way. You will learn about entrepreneurial attitudes and to think and act in accordance with new business models, new revenue generation formulas, innovations in partnership with other (foreign) companies, risk analysis and operate as connector and networker. 

Download the prospectus for extensive information.
  • Profile
    Directors, managers and professionals of international active companies and organisations / International active entrepreneurs and consultants / Graduates with the ambition to work for multinationals and international companies / Professionals and managers who wish to settle abroad / Bachelor plus level
  • Location
    Lagos Nigeria
  • Dates
    Autumn 2017
  • Accreditation
    Upon successful completion of this accredited program, representing 6 CP/10 EC on Executive MBA leve
  • Study load
    3 days classroom teaching for theoretical concepts and assignments + 7 weeks individual assignment
  • Prospectus
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Applications can be cancelled by email up to 21 days before the start of the program at a cost of 25% of the participation fee. Until 14 days prior to the event the costs will be 50%. Cancellations in the final week will be charged for 100%. The cancellation is valid if it is confirmed by the organization. Participants unable to attend can be replaced. In case of 'no show' the payment terms remain unchanged. The participation fee must be paid before the start of the program. The organization has the right to deny access to participants for whom no payment is received.
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