Rob van Nes MBA CIBDE
Rob van Nes MBA CIBDE
Rob van Nes is an international oriented strategist specialised in market entry strategies and route-to-market-strategies.
He has experience as Marketing Director for a worldwide leading British multinational and Managing Director of a global operating Dutch Product Developer. Rob is involved in developing market entries for various business operations, advises Dutch and foreign multinationals in their international development strategy and performs as interim MD at foreign branches of Dutch multinationals.
He is the founding partner of several international operating business concepts and has an extensive global network.
Rob examines MBA students graduating with an international oriented thesis and is author of the books Market Entry Strategy (2010) and Managing your international business (t.b.p. in Autumn 2017). He has the Q-plus status of Business School Nederland International / The International Management Centres Association due to outstanding contribution to the development of the Action Learning concept for management education. He has guided managers and entrepreneurs in their action learning process.
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